A New Kind of Angel Group

SideCar Angels is a Boston-based angel group that rides “sidecar” with top-tier angel groups and VCs to fund early-stage companies.  Founded in late 2012, SideCar Angels is already among the more active angel groups in the country.

SideCar is a new model of angel investing that:

  • gives its members access to deals to invest in emerging companies that have been fully-vetted by a quality angel group or VC,
  • provides an agile and well-funded syndicate partner for lead angel groups and VCs,
  • supplies additional capital to companies without adding another layer of due diligence investigation, and
  • expands the pool of angel funds by allowing persons who don’t have the time or expertise to participate in a traditional angel group to become involved.

SideCar’s portfolio includes BlueTrain Mobile, Content Raven, ezCater, Fashion Project, Groupize, InfoBionic, Mobee and Windgap Medical.  SideCar’s’ syndicate partners have included Atlas Venture, Breton Capital, Broadview Ventures, InterWest Partners, MassVentures, Polaris Partners, Safeguard Scientifics, Schooner Capital, Golden Seeds, Hub Angels, Mass Medical Angels and Launchpad Venture Group.